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Content in seconds, not weeks

Let your new AI assistant boost your creativity in 3 easy steps:

Content in seconds, not weeks

Let your custom AI assistant boost your creativity in 3 easy steps:
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Would you believe us if we told you that a robot would be your new muse? Tell us what you want to write about, and allow Craftly to come up with something that will spark your creative flow.
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Trained by industry experts, our content is architected to boost rankings & drive sales - regardless of the industry.
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Craftly learns your writing style and works with you on all your copy needs.

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A collaborative space that provides everything you need to manage your team all in one place. Use it to communicate, organize, share, and so much more. Designed with the modern worker in mind, this portal was created to be the hub of your working world.
On brand, every-time
Write better, together. From anywhere. Monitor, organize and share projects.
Custom tools and training
Input your details. Include your tone, audience, and language.
Tracking, analytics and versioning
Never lose your progress with automatic versioning and team templates for faster workflow in our text-editor.
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Businesses, eCommerce websites, charities, influencers, artists, musicians, and creators. We work with people and businesses looking to take their writing to the next level.
Phd Researcher
Agency Owner
Data Analyst
Law Student
When I was first exposed to the copy produced by craftly, I instantly fell in love. A tool with verbose, eloquent and diverse generations, produced at light speed sounds too good to be true. Well, it is not only true but seems to cost a negligible fraction of what a competitive full time copywriter does⁉️ I already see an opportunity to expand our marketing services to include copy writing, thanks to my new secret weapon 🙌.
Zachary Friedman
COO, Secure Digital Markets
Craftly.AI has been making waves in the world of AI copywriting since its inception in 2021. Over the years, it has become one of the highest quality and reliable tools in the industry. It's a cutting-edge AI copywriting tool that offers original quality content in seconds. What I like most is the optional target audience that you can include in your content creation.
Yakup Özkardes-Cheung
Content Marketer & Writer
It's pretty much the best thing I've ever used. Straight up!. I have never thought to use AI to write copy but after using craftly I am convinced the marketing game has changed. My favorite features are the frameworks, I was able to write two 1,000 word articles in 45 minutes!
Mitchell Demeter
Content Marketer & Writer
Craftly.AI is a legendary tool. I use it daily to help spark inspiration and find fresh ways of saying things. Writer's block is now a thing of the past thanks to Iman and the team!
Cam Major
Copywriter, Pilothouse Digital
The tone changer has been so helpful when I’m pitching different brands with different vibes. I can write bold, fun, witty, or serious pitches in minutes. It cuts my workload in half, but makes it look like I’m working twice as hard!
Fanny Garnier
Founder, La Beauty Boutique
Craftly blew competitors out of the water, it wasn’t even close. Night and day difference.The AI was so specific with Craftly. As a small business owner I’m wearing 27 different hats and I need to save myself time and money - and thats exactly what Craftly has done for me. I’ve been able to bolster my SEO, improve my content, create growth ideas, write blogs, create YouTube scripts, and so much more. Craftly has allowed me to get more accomplished throughout my day, so I can spend more time focusing on my clients.
Elliot Mark
Founder, RecruitFluency has been a life changer as a business owner. After using it in 5 minutes, I can see how this can be such a helpful tool for small businesses like mine that constantly need to be coming out with content to compete with the big businesses. Even a couple hours saved is worthwhile.
Farah Mirza
CEO, Etranscription
If you're struggling to produce content at scale for just about anything, Craftly may very well change your life (really). I have high confidence in the team's ability to execute and am excited for what’s to come. They are producing the highest quality AI copy on the market and it shows when you use the tool. I’ve found myself gravitating towards Craflty anytime I’m tasked with writing something. Like this review for example!
Michael Chasen
This is perfect for anyone who needs help writing copy and content, but has a limited amount of time to do research or isn't qualified enough on the subject matter themselves. In my experience with it so far, it seems like this would be very useful for individuals with specific requirements without having to know everything required on the topic in depth already.
Danielle Knapp
Human Resources, LCBO
I’ve been on the search for a tool that fixes a pain point I’ve lived from the Tessian days but the tech has never been quite there. I’ve worked with many that spit out sentences as if they’ve been translated into several languages via Google Translate and then returned to English but reading Craftlys content it's pretty mind blowing.
Geoff Goacher
Creative Director & Owner, Geoff Goacher Brand Strategies
Having my company based in India, but constantly working with people from North America, sometimes my team gets stuck with filling in copy. This not only breaks down barriers but also translates it so my team can understand it. Thankful for all the opportunities Craftly is now opening us up to.
Jignesh Parekh
CEO, Webforest Agency
I love using Craftly because it fires up my creative side. I’m a student and have a tendency to overthink things where I get stuck in my writing. Craftly gives me a chance to get past writer’s block and get back to work because it actually guides me on where to start. Plus, I can make my writing more interesting and unique.
Aleeza Khan
Student, Ryerson University
Big fan of the team behind Craftly. Highly recommended. They’ve been more than generous with their time and advice as we’ve navigated their toolset, even going so far as to create custom-trained models specific to our use case (enterprise e-commerce/SEO). Looking forward to continuing our working relationship as the company evolves.
Joey Burzynski
CTO, MarketKarma has frankly been a total game changer in my life as both a venture capitalist and an entrepreneur. I have my employees, my CEOs and even my friends using Craftly to help them with writing inspiration, working on copy and improving every area of their writing
Jeremy Gardner
Venture Capitalist and Entrepreneur, Mademan
Aloha! I have been using craftly for one year now and it helped me to improve my writing and my productivity threefold. I write technical emails and documents, and blog posts and every time I use craftly, the output is much better and more elegant.
Francois Ascani
VP & Data Scientist, First Hawaiian Bank
We refer all of our users to to create all of their email marketing content. We are continually impressed with the system’s capabilities and constant improvement. The tool allows our clients to write custom emails for campaigns, giving them amazing control over their email writing experiences and client engagement.
Frank Gittens
S&B Growth Consultant, Hubspot
I used to dread writing content for my website. I would struggle for hours trying to put together a blog post, and in the end, it never met my expectations. So I was thrilled when launched and saved me from having to create content for my website. The experience is beautiful, the AI is unmatched, the leadership is strong, and it's simple to use. Would you have known that the part of this review was actually written by AI? I doubt it. That's what I love about, it creates copy for almost anything you need, faster than you ever could, and likely better than you ever could while still sounding authentically human. Shout out to the team behind, just be careful your advanced AI doesn't take over the world!!!
Ariel Benitez
Marketing, GDA Capital
I have never really been a fan of writing, but when you’re working at a marketing company I need to wear all hats. There is no way around it. I don’t know how many hours were wasted on trying to write for websites, ads, emails and landing pages that I could’ve done in seconds. In fact, this review was written using their review tool! Told them why I love them, and they wrote.
Shyanna Walls
The hardest part about writing anything is just getting in the zone to start writing. The best part about is that I can use it to jumpstart that process. I can generate as much copy as I need, and then I can go back and fine-tune it..
Fathi Said
Founder, Vybe Living
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