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Enhancing Education and Productive Workflow
A collaborative space where teachers can advance learning and students can focus on what they excel at.
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Simplify technological

Focus on your skills, not on articulating them
Not all students excel at writing. Why should that hold them back? AI Advancement allows students to excel where their talent lies. Leave the articulation of their talent to the AI
Move forward with technology
Learning and teaching fast advancing technologies is imperative for keeping students and staff in the loop. Stay ahead of the game by using advanced AI models
Help students build critical skills
Integrating advanced technology into everyday use lets students build critical adaption skills. The concept is intimidating, but the integration into everyday life will become seamless

Educational Assistants

Seamlessly integrate your AI assistant into everyday life. Craftly.AI has all of the tools you need to succeed right within the app.
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Text Editor
Edit while you’re crafting! Not only can you enjoy writing with ease, you can also edit the content you craft as you go without ever switching apps.
Document Drive
Seamlessly integrate Craftly into your everyday life with our Document Drive. Organize, edit, share, and store all of your projects in one place - right inside Craftly.AI!
Team Portal
Join classmates and colleagues in Craftly.AI’s Team portal interface. Collaborate on projects, edit in real time, and review data and usage within your Team dashboard.
Keep up with the hype in our Craftly.AI Academy. Learn about the tools we’ve built, get access to in-beta launches and learn with us while we build the future of writing.
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Natural Language


Keeping up in class is hard enough. Imagine struggling with articulating your thoughts, processes, and explanations. Whether you’re strapped for time, aren’t a native English speaker, or simply want to use technology to enhance your every-day life, Craftly.AI has the tools for you.


AI is a topic that has the potential to change the way we live our lives. By incorporating AI into your curriculum, you can give your students the opportunity to explore how it is changing the world and how they can harness its power for their own projects.


For the creative, the biologist, or the math magician - Craftly encompasses progress in every field. Integrating new tech into everyday workflow lets students adapt and overcome institutional changes.
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Here’s what our students and teachers have to say

Temple University is a leading university, and they're not afraid to invest in new technology. Craftly.ai allowed Temple students to use AI in their classrooms and research projects.
Science and Innovation
Class of 2021
The team portal was created to help teams stay organized and connected. It allowed Temple over 15 student to work together and communicate with each other in one place.
Courtney Henry
Co-Founder IBM
Craftly.AI offer educational pricing and semester term contracts to make our AI more available to your institution and students.
Courtney Henry
Co-Founder IBM
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Learn about Craftly.AI’s annual scholarship that supports students pursuing post secondary education in any field. optional copy: All you have to do is write your submission using Craftly.AI.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Craftly be used in education?
Craftly can be used to teach students how AI works when prompted, as well as teaching students how AI can be used to increase their productivity both in class and in every day life
What discounts are available for students?
Students are eligible to receive a 30% discount. Students can apply by emailing their current student card to hello@craftly.ai
What discounts are available for institutions and teachers?
Depending on the institution’s goals and requirements, Craftly is able to work with each one individually to ensure you’re able to accommodate us in your curriculum. We offer discounts, as well as semester specific
How can students use Craftly?
Students have access to multiple writing tools that can help them succeed. Whether you’re strapped for time, aren’t a native English speaker, or simply want to use technology to enhance your every-day life, Craftly.AI has the tools for you.
What student tools are available?
Craftly offers tools for rewriting, improving and summarizing text, as well as essay tools, idea and topic generators, email templates and more. Sign up for a Crafter account if you want access to our long-form writer!
Can we use Craftly as a case study?
Yes! We have had multiple universities use Craftly within their curriculum to teach students how to use the AI. In previous cases, professors got all students to join a tem portal, and study the AI prompts, it’s accuracy, it’s brand voices and command precision


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