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Craft high optimized copy 10x faster using AI. Create custom tools and collaborate in team with enterprise.
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If we don’t already have perfect solution for you, work with us to build it.
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Custom Tools for Copy
Craftly has over 100 tools to help you craft content for almost any use case. But if you’ve got unique needs, we’ve got the skills to customize Craftly to suit them.
SEO and Growth
Write better, together. From anywhere. Monitor, organize and share projects.
Collaborate in real time company wide.
Brand Identity
Fine-tune models that capture and maintain your brand voice and company vision.
Custom tools for your
Custom needs
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For Real Estate
With 13,000+ properties, updating listings and ensuring all content is up to date is a tiresome process. With Craftly, we built every tool custom and integrated it across our internal platform. I’m absolutely blown away by how fast we’re now able to pump listings  that actually rank. If they don’t have it, they’ll build it.
Nathan Levinson
Founder, Royal York Property
For CRM’s
Our clients don’t know how to work without it. We white labeled several custom solutions for individual clients and they gave us several examples of what they wanted as output. I’m absolutely blown away.
Frank Gittens
S&B Growth Consultant, Hubspot
For Agencies
Big fan of the team behind Craftly. Highly recommended. They’ve been more than generous with their time and advice as we’ve navigated their toolset, even going so far as to create custom-trained models specific to our use case (enterprise e-commerce/SEO). Looking forward to continuing our working relationship as the company evolves.
Joey Burzynski
CTO, MarketKarma

Craft better together

We think the best work is created with a team. Whether that be you and Craftly, or you and your coworkers. Onboard your entire organization and start sharing, collaborating and writing content all in one place with Craftly for Enterprise. Simply invite your team, and start crafting in seconds.
Create your Craftly team

Design together, from anywhere

Boost your team’s productivity and create content together in real-time. Build your team with existing members, or add new Crafters to your community. From web pages, to social media graphics, to blog posts, you can keep your collective ideas and creativity flowing.

On-brand, every time. Organise your content in one place

Craftly works with you to create content that not only sounds human, but captures your brand’s unique voice and spirit. The more you use it, the better that content gets. That means your entire team can create copy that is consistent with brand guidelines, no matter who writes it.

Teams V2: Tracking, Analytics & Versioning

Make the most of the Teams function, and never lose your progress. With automatic versioning, team templates for faster workflows, and in app text editing, Craftly teams will take you to the next level. Coming soon!

Tool Boxes

Separate your company departments with tool boxes: Sales, social media, communications, digital marketing, and company branding. Everyone get’s their own space!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do within a Craftly team?
Everyone on the team can contribute to the collaborative space by simply using their account. The portal will track all favourited, copied and used data and host it in a results panel for everyone to see. Results can be filtered by user, tool, project and date. Brainstorm ideas, get new ideas. Inspire and be inspired.
How many team members can I add?
The more crafted content the better. You can add up to 10 team members to your Crafter account, and a custom amount of members to your Enterprise Plan based on your needs
What are workspaces?
Your team workspace will host your organization’s projects and crafted content. Within this workspace, you will have access to a dashboard with team insights, content created, most popular tools, collective use, copied and favourited content.
What is a Craftly team?
With a Craftly team you can collaborate with your colleagues within the portal by sharing creations and analytics. Having a team lets you keep track of your projects and tasks, organize your team’s content and share files, all while staying connected with one another. Craftly Teams provides the special ingredients you need to make your team successful.
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