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Getting Started With Craftly.ai

A quick overview of where to start in Craftly
Step by Step Guide
Craftly is your artificial intelligence tool that uses Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) language model. Think of Cai as your new assistant that creates high quality, high performing content that actually sounds human! Follow our step-by-step guide below to get the best copy in seconds.
The more you input, the better your output. Be detailed.
Input a clear and concise sentence about your product. This will help Cai give you optimal output.
Feel free to add specifications such as benefits, numbers and other unique details that you want included in your copy.
Step 1
Create A Workspace
Start by naming your workspace. Each project you create on Craftly will keep track of all of the copy you’ve generated, copied, and loved.
Step 2
Select a Tool
The tool you choose will define the output that Cai will generate for you. Select the tool that best suits the style of copy you are looking for to get the best results. For this example, we will generate a Product Description.Having trouble selecting the right tool?Check out our individual “How To” Tool Guides on the left!
Step 3
Fill In Your Input
Prompts matter. The more you give, the better your results.

Product Name:
Give your product a captivating name

Description of Product:
Give Cai a descriptive breakdown of your product. The examples below demonstrate good and bad input strategies.
Step 4
Click ‘Craft It’
Crafting content can take 15 seconds.
→ Want more results? Click ‘Keep crafting!’
→ Want to give feedback or request a new tool? Let us know!
Step 5
Review, Save and Copy Results
Save results by clicking the heart next to output and Copy results by clicking the clipboard next to output.
Step 6
Easily Access Saved Results Across your Projects
Saved copy will be accessible by selecting “View Saved”
Copy and paste your results into your project and you’re off the races! Happy Crafting!
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