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Artificial Intelligence
Best Use Cases for AI-Generated Content
Megan Apa
August 8, 2022
Megan Apa
5 minutes
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Best Use Cases for AI-Generated Content

Content creation can be time consuming and expensive. That’s why artificial intelligence is gaining momentum in the writing world. It allows companies to automate processes and save money without compromising quality.

Whether you’re working in e-commerce, real estate, want to break up with your boyfriend, or you just want to cut down on your workload, here are some of the best use cases for AI-generated content.

E-Commerce or Shop Owners: Product Descriptions

A great product description is one of the most important weapons in a copywriter’s arsenal. This short but impactful piece of copywriting is used by almost every type of business to show a potential customer a product’s features and highlights. For many people, product descriptions are the most important factor when making a decision about a purchase. As of now, 87% of internet shoppers place a high value on the product description, as it should provide them with all of the information they need before buying. With more and more companies moving their businesses online, a boring product description just won’t cut it. In order to catch the attention of a potential customer, you need something with detail and a bit of pizazz.

Now, you can use artificial intelligence to spruce up your product description or craft one from scratch.

Ads: Amazon Product Feature

For those in the e-commerce industry, product marketing doesn’t just stop at the product descriptions. Bullet points to highlight additional special features are important for websites like Amazon, where a buyer is flooded with so many similar options. Amazon recommends a maximum of 200-250 characters for each bullet point, as potential customers will most likely remember short, punchy selling points over long paragraphs. That being said, short doesn’t mean boring. Make sure to include descriptive words so that customers can visualize themselves owning your product. 

Here are some Amazon Bullet Points generated using Craftly.AI in seconds.

Real Estate Agents: Listings

Real estate agents know all too well the struggles of having to sell or rent dream properties on online platforms like Zillow, or ViewIt. Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases a person can make, which means the content they read about that potential home can’t be basic, it has to be inspiring. This can be done by using powerful and imaginative language with the goal of provoking an emotional response. Realtors must be able to convey all of the unique features of a home in only a few hundred characters. Additionally, with hundreds of different property listings available, geared towards different audiences, and featuring different amenities. It’s no wonder that “real estate listing template” is one of the most popular searches in the industry.

Craftly’s Real Estate Listing tool provides you with the perfect description for any property. All you need to do is input the property type, and some key features you want to highlight for your buyer!

Personal Messages: Break Up Texts

Breaking up is hard to do… but not anymore. There are tons of use cases for artificial intelligence copywriting tools that are geared towards businesses, but what about personal matters? There is no specific formula for a break up text, but that doesn’t mean that artificial intelligence can’t reproduce the common feelings and verbiage that comes with the heartbreaking blow. This is definitely a more unconventional use case, but the fact that AI can mimic such human emotions makes this tool a must try.

The breakup text generator just needs to know why you’re breaking up, and how you’re feeling about it. From there you can also choose how creative you want to be. The more creativity you slide to, the more liberties the AI will take with your input. That’s when the real magic happens!

Students: Essays, Resumes and Cover Letters

Everyone dreads writing about themselves. AI tools offer templates and ways you can turn a previous mundane job into an intriguing positive. It’s all how you word it. 

Writers: Proposals, Emails, Headlines or Blog Conclusions

Blog conclusions need to remind your readers of what they’ve learned, while also wrapping up your points with a meaningful call to action.

Just… Writing

One of the most complicated parts of the writing process is just getting started. With so many distractions in the way and so many pieces of content on the to-do list, writer’s block is every writer’s worst enemy. While there is no AI tool that instantly generates long form content just yet, Craftly’s Bullet Point to Paragraph tool comes pretty close. It has consistently been one of the most popular tools among users to generate the most general content that can fit just about anywhere. Whether you’re looking to build out body paragraphs for blog posts, web copy, or really just anything.

All you have to do is input short bullet points about your topic, and hit craft. Craftly will string together sentences into a full paragraph of text. 

Crafting any form of content from start to finish can be a daunting task. Using artificial intelligence is the best way for copywriters and small businesses to supercharge their content and increase their productivity. AI copywriters like Craftly.AI can easily produce product descriptions and amazon persuasive bullet points that use descriptive language to appeal to potential customers. It can also craft expert real estate listings that will make buyers want to move in ASAP. AI can also tackle unconventional use cases like that breakup text you’ve been meaning to send. No matter the form of writing, AI copywriting tools are not only here to help, they’re here to stay. Find out what your ideal use case is with a free trial of Craftly.AI.

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