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AI Topic Generator: Find Click-Worthy Topics to Write About
Fiza Bashir
August 12, 2022
Fiza Bashir
1 minute
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AI Topic Generator: Find Click-Worthy Topics to Write About

We know that creating good content is no easy task. There is a lot of brainstorming and editing involved. It can take a lot of time and energy to get it just right. Craftly.AI has created an intelligent Topic Generator tool that can help you write better content in less time.

Now with topic suggestions, article templates, and an algorithm that suggests key insights based on the chosen topic— Craftly makes it even faster to commission AI writers to provide high quality content.

Here are some examples of topic generations Craftly.AI came up with:

Input: Craftly.AI

Give me topics about: AI Assisted Copywriter

Craftly.AI Output:

- Can a Machine Really Help You Write Web Copy? A blog about the potential of using AI for copywriting

- Let Machine Learn Your Brand: A blog around using machine learning in copywriting and how it affects brand recognition

- Why “Copy” is the Most Important Part of Your Marketing Strategy: A blog about incorporating AI into marketing strategies

- AI Is Always Ready To Help You Write A Brilliant Article: A blog where Craftly gives you daily writing suggestions on topics related to finance

- Top 5 Copywriting Myths: A Blog about copywriting

- Write Like a Human: Resource Page on copywriting for people who do not know where to begin when it comes to writing compelling content

We understand how overwhelming it can be keeping up with your deadlines, keeping a consistent creativity flow while striking the right tone at all times. Craftly.AI aims to make that a bit easier for you by producing content in grey magic (i.e human-like) yet allowing you the creative freedom to shape your content via our text editor and collection of stickers – or even solely with our text editor and stickers if so desired.

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