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Launching Craftly.AI
Megan Apa
August 1, 2022
Megan Apa
3 minutes
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Launching Craftly.AI

Let’s get right to the point. Writing is hard.

It is so much more involved than just pen to paper. For us mere mortals, it is usually the process of brainstorming, researching, formatting, inevitably procrastinating, editing, and approving. This is not only time consuming, but expensive for businesses who rely on copywriting to communicate their ideas with their customers. And while Shakespearean tragedies may need a human touch, some content is just better with an AI assistant. Try competing with the creativity of a 175 billion parameters (basically the largest transformer-based language model in the world), I dare you.

That’s why we’re launching Craftly.

Craftly is your AI-powered copywriter assistant that automates and transforms a large part of the writing process, so marketers can spend more time doing what they do best. Your customers are consuming more content than their attention spans can handle. On average a customer will see more than 200 pieces of digital communication before converting. Up until now, businesses have been forced to choose between quality and quantity when it comes to copywriting. Craftly gives you both, with an AI-powered copywriter that generates original and high performing content just the way you like it.

What We Offer

  • Every piece of content that it generates is 100% original. Craftly works with a Machine Learning algorithm that runs on the breakthrough GPT-3 technology that can understand and emulate your unique, human communication style.
  • Competitive plans that grow with you. See how much you save when using Craftly.
  • This fully automatic content generation engine runs completely online, so there is no software to download.
  • We can take your business global! Craftly can write about any topic in any language, even if you are not a native speaker.

The best part about Craftly is that it is versatile. It can be used for your webpage, social media posts, blog posts, ads, and more. And while it is incredibly helpful for generating content for your own use, Craftly was originally designed as a platform for social media and marketing teams to create their customer messaging tool kit. The technology can do it all. So whether you’re an influencer, student, a business owner, or just looking for the right words, we’ve got you!

Companies and creators that use Craftly can expect an overhaul in their typical workflow. AI is the most talented researcher around. Not only can it find the data you’re looking for, it will also organize it in a way that is easy to understand and interesting to read. Pick and choose what you want to include, while Craftly learns your brand and tone. Keep generating until we craft what you love; with personalizations that fit your target.

It is fast. The days of scrolling through mountains of information, and using an online thesaurus are over. Craftly will find the right information, assemble the best words, and add a unique spin in less time than it would take for you to make that third cup of coffee!

How can Craftly generate content around love or emotions without perspective? Would you rather have someone write about love from their lense, or Craftly who comes with thousands of unique perspectives? People can tell the difference. Can you tell that this article was AI assisted? How can I trust that it is original? We got you covered with our built-in plagiarism checker.

At Craftly, we believe in enhancing, not replacing. This quote from management consultant and author, John Hagel, sums it up best: “If we do it right, we might be able to evolve a form of work that taps into our uniquely human capabilities and restores our humanity. The ultimate paradox is that this technology may become a powerful catalyst that we need to reclaim our humanity.”

Still not convinced? Sign up for early access and let our content speak for itself.

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